I am a licensed physician in my country, can I apply for a license in the United States?

Commissioner’s Regulations allow for endorsement of an applicant’s license from another jurisdiction if appropriate requirements are met, and if the applicant has not failed any part of New York State’s licensing examination (USMLE). A license granted in a country outside the United States can be endorsed if licensure in that country is regulated by an organization designated as responsible for quality assurance and acceptable to the Board of Regents. Additionally, the applicant must satisfactorily demonstrate completion of an acceptable proficiency examination (ECFMG), clinical competency examination, three years of American Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) accredited postgraduate training or the equivalent, and five years of satisfactory professional experience.

I have not attempted any part of the New York State proficiency or United States licensing examinations (USMLE). Am I still eligible for an application?

Commissioner’s Regulations also allow the Board of Regents to accept appropriate foreign medical licenses to fulfill the licensure requirements and diplomate certificates obtained on the basis of satisfying experience and examination requirements to fulfill the proficiency and clinical competency requirements for licensure by endorsement.

What is ACGME accredited training?

American Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is a private, nonprofit council that evaluates and accredits residency programs in the United States. ACGME is responsible for accrediting the majority of graduate medical training programs for physicians. Learn more here.

Do I need three years of ACGME accredited training?

The Interim Executive Secretary of the State Board for Medicine will review documentation of international and unaccredited advanced training submitted in support of an application. Significant postgraduate training may be accepted as the substantial equivalent of the required three years of ACGME-accredited postgraduate training.

Can I just do everything on my own?

Of course. D&A offers a specialized licensure service through experience, any individual is permitted to petition the Board of Regents without a professional service agency.

What are the advantages of using D&A?

By leveraging our United States licensure experience within the medical profession, D&A is able to offer invaluable expertise for our clients. We provide each Petitioner with valuable information that serves as both a simplified checklist and critical overview of what is required to successfully petition the Commission. We work with the client each step of the way: from the big-picture framework to executing details, such as administrative coordination (i.e. filing fees, certified mailings, petition formatting, etc.).

D&A also offers professional language services and translations.

Put simply, we make everything easier.

How much does D&A consulting cost? Are there any guarantees?

Fee's will range depending on the complexity of the case. Please contact one of our team members today to inquire about a price.

How long does does it take?

Individually: An application may take anywhere from 1-3 years.

D&A Consulting: 6 months to 1-year (depending on the nature of the application).

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