Licensure Process

A professional license is generally required to provide health care services and engage in the practice of medicine within the United States of America. Gaining recognition for professional experience overseas is arguably the greatest barrier to the professional practice of Medicine, and there is only limited assistance available to immigrants in navigating the daunting process of recertification.

In reality, the vast majority of qualified Foreign Medical Professionals considering practice within the United States are not aware of the licensure endorsement process. Most believe the only path towards licensure is through validation of overseas academic and clinical training, passage of national board examinations, and meeting strict residency requirements. Read more here about the traditional licensure process.

This complicated, time-consuming, and highly regulated process of licensure is simply misunderstood for a vast majority of qualified Foreign Medical Professionals. Davies & Associates eases the barriers of entry for qualified medical professionals seeking to practice in the United States and offers licensure solutions that are an alternative to the traditionally long and expensive routes to practice in the US.

Requirements for certification and licensure vary considerably among the health sector occupations and between States. For instance, a Physical Therapist seeking endorsement through licensure in California will need to satisfy less stringent requirements than a Physician in New York.

With the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the health-care sector is expanding to accommodate up to 30 million new customers who will gain increased access to medical insurance coverage and treatment. Numerous expert studies have predicted that thousands of new physicians, dentists, nurses, assistants and technicians will be needed in the coming years to provide patient care services. In fact, health-related public and private institutions already employ about 15 million workers in hundreds of occupations and professions in the United States.

Davies & Associates is able to navigate the United States health-care system, and offer effective licensure by endorsement solutions for qualified Foreign Medical Professionals.